Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slight Delay Number Two...

We're expecting! It looks like our family is about to grow.

While waiting for parts to be delivered for Stella's repairs I stumbled upon what appears to be a great deal on another Westy Camper Van. So I'm off to Fresno this morning and will hopefully be driving home tonight in the next Westfalia restoration project. These have been almost impossible to find in good condition, so it's hard to pass it up.

I'm still shooting for a Friday/Saturday departure. Stay tuned and thank you all for the great comments! I really appreciate your support, wisdom and wit.

Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Peter:

    I look forward to keeping up with your adventures as you hit the road. It doesn't look like there is any travel in Mike & I immediate future, not with one in college, one graduating high school next year and even the youngest only have 3 more years in high school.

    It is great having a brother in law like you who I can live vicariously thru (at least travel wise).

    I wish you the best. I look forward to seeing you when you come back to Boston.

    Be safe and take care of yourself.

    Love, Phyllis

  2. Geez-um Pete.... @ we're expecting? LMAO woke my ass right up this morning, reading that! Drive safely.... and good luck with your new addition... =)

  3. Fresno? Hey Pete, not far from our old stomping grounds. Just a few miles north to Mariposa. It's got to be tempting to visit Octagon and due a little cliff diving to start your adventure. How great would that be if those were your 1st pic's. Good Luck

  4. Pickels and ice cream sounding good right about now! This may be as close as I ever get to "motherhood"....I hope the stork brings us a fine, strong, healthy bouncing baby back from Fresno!

  5. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for sharing this... looking forward to hear more of this exciting adventure!

    Have fun and be safe :)


  6. You are going to have an amazing trip. Can't wait to read about it. When I moved to Japan, I started blogging ( about my adventures and I haven't stopped. This format really becomes a diary and it will be shocking to look back at all of the amazing things that you have done. Take care and I'll be checking in on you often.

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