Monday, May 11, 2009

The best laid plans...

Well, here it is, Monday morning and I'm still here.

While in the process of doing some routine maintenance this weekend on Stella Blue, I discovered some not so routine issues. So today will be spent in the garage removing the left and right rear axles and repacking all four constant velocity joints with about 400 grams of grease.

I guess it's better to lay here on the garage floor and do it instead of laying in a pile of pine cones somewhere in Montana. New departure date will be a little later this week. Oh, and if you're wondering what my Number Two Girl looks like, I'll be posting pictures right before I leave with Stella fully loaded. That's it for now!



  1. Well, better safe than sorry! Will be looking for updates soon. Ummm and post pics of your number 1 girl too!!! We are headed to Oxnard for Robs company meetings, be back in town on Thursday.

  2. Is this when you scream, "Stella!!!" at the top of your lung and leave the word "blue" out?

    Stand by!

  3. Glad to hear you're playing it safe Pete. Keep us posted and I need to see some pictures of "Stella Blue"!


  4. Pete, knowing you, I'll expect that not only do you make it up to North Pole but in record time. I'm looking forward to following your trek.

    Go get 'em!

  5. As a sailor I've quickly learned not to have steadfast "time tables". I guess that's why they call it cruising - it just happens when it's darn ready to. Don't worry, you'll be off soon!

  6. It's all part of the bigger plan Pete...persistence will pay off :) You'll be off and running in no time!

  7. Oh gosh... I had it in my mind you were leaving Memorial Day Monday. I'm so glad I stopped by the other day! As for the delay... lucky for you that you have only your own schedule to keep. Leave when you're ready, and wave when you pass. Looking forward to the next updates.

  8. A very wise man, Publilius Syrus, once said "It is a bad plan that admits of no modification."

    You're plan is on track Petey.. you just didn't realize the time line had been changed on ya a bit.

    Hopefully this will be the worst you'll have to face. Have a blast and watch out for the pot holes. :o)