Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dawson Peaks...

Google it...

Here's a link to an interactive Google map if you want an idea of where I am and where I'm headed.

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The where is the easy part. The when will be a little more challenging. I'll try to plug in some dates as the days/weeks go by and will reference this map. This will be an easy way to chart progress, but will also serve as a reference point just in case I need some help getting back from a side trip off the main highways and byways.

It's lunchtime on May 31st and I'm having a hard time leaving Dawson Peaks Resort, where I'm posting this blog entry from. The coffee is hot and plentiful and the Yukon-specific information I'm getting from Greg has been over the top. Greg helps out at the resort and publishes a travel mag called Yukon, North of Ordinary. What a great tag line. He's lived in the Yukon for years and is intimately familiar with the Dempster Highway to Inuvik. Like Wolfgang back in Smithers, he helped me shift my focus to the roads less traveled. This is the second time I was reminded of the purpose of this trip. Here's a shot of Greg, head chef Oscar in the middle, and Carolyn. Thanks for a much needed respite from the road. I'm slowing down in a good way. Next stop is Whitehorse. If you zoom in on the map you'll see that Whitehorse is the start and finish to a 5,732 km circle that will take me to Inuvik, over the top of the world highway and through parts of Alaska I've dreamed about most of my life.


  1. Hey Pete! Some nice pics. Just so we are clear, you are to stay away from bears traveling together!!!! Haha, looks like your having a great time. Latitude says it's info is 2 days old so not sure if it's accurate. Try to stay out of trouble sir.

  2. Pete, were you aware that Brian worked in Haines for about 6 months; he was a radio dj, worked at the market, and also at the hotel which used to be an officer's quarters back in the late 1800's.He lived in a tent in the woods until October when the rain drove him out. As you probably remember he had no right foot due to a grizzly gnawing it off; that is why he always walked in the street with his left foot so the right nub could be on the curb and thus he could walk evenly. Are you buying this? Thanks for the map---much easier to follow your progress. Lokedog

  3. The map is great Pete, thanks for posting the link to it! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure already...I'm so happy for you!
    Big hugs!

  4. Hey Pete,

    Wasn't sure where to put this but I wanted to wish you a hApPy bIrThDaY for tomorrow! Enjoy your day!


  5. And Happy Birthday btw. Hope you had a great one!

    - Megg :)